Whipped Cream Fun Facts

Have You Heard These Whipped Cream Fun Facts?

You’ve probably known about whipped cream for years, whether it’s from cakes, drinks or desserts. Regardless of how long you’ve known about this fantastic cream, there’s a chance that you know little about it. Here are some fun facts that you probably didn’t know before.

Fun Fact 1

Whipped cream, as the name suggests, is processed by whisking or mixing the ingredients until it is light and fluffy. It is not whipped cream until the cream reaches a fluffy state.

Fun Fact 2

The soft, fluffy, and light texture of the whipped cream is totally different from its origin. The base ingredient is no other than heavy cream. The whipping process by whisking or mixing incorporates air into the heavy cream that contains 35% fat.

Besides whipping itself, there’s another way to make whipped cream quickly: by using a whipped cream dispenser and whipped cream chargers. But this option is often omitted by home cooks because of the expensive appliance to prepare.

Fun Fact 3

It is unclear about the origin of the whipped cream since the process is easy enough to be invented by accident by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Fun Fact 4

The unflavored whipped cream was also called “snow cream” or “milk snow” until the 17th century. And now, it is most commonly called whipped cream.

Fun Fact 5

The term “whipped cream” appeared firstly in the Oxford English Dictionary by 1673. Meanwhile, the French term for whipped cream appeared formally in 1629. They called it crème fouettée.

Fun Fact 6

Creme Chantilly is the other name of whipped cream. It was found in the mid 18th century when Baronne d’Oberkirch was eating the cream during a formal lunch. She was eating at Hameau De Chantilly. Therefore, folks called it Chantilly cream.

Some cooking experts note the difference between conventional whipped cream and Chantilly cream. The Chantilly cream tends to be sweetened or flavored. Meanwhile, whipped cream is not sweetened. However, most food experts agree that both are the same thing.

Fun Fact 7

There are many ways to make whipped cream. It can be with a whisk, hand mixer, electric mixer, food processor or dispenser.

Fun Fact 8

Whipped cream does not have to be boring. You can sweeten it or flavor it with vanilla or other flavours you desire such as chocolate, green tea, coffee, strawberry, and so on.

Fun Fact 9

January 5th is National Whipped Cream Day. No one will judge you for eating all the whipped cream you desire on that day!

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