Whipped Cream For Bartenders

A whipped cream dispenser is one of the most unique tools that many bartenders love to use. Using a whipped cream dispenser in bartending is a fun way to spice up your repertoire and create some truly unique drinks.

There is nothing more satisfying than turning one dollop of cream into plenty of whipped cream to go around. All you need to do is just fill the appliance with heavy cream and other ingredients, and the appliance will work for you. Bartenders love to come up with new and fun ideas to mess around with whipped cream.

Whipped cream on a cocktail? Why Not?

According to professional bartenders, whipped cream canisters make a huge difference. The pressure in the whipped cream dispenser can force NO2 to the solution, and distribute the flavours into the liquid. So, there are many cocktails with different characteristics that complement well with whipped cream. That includes making an egg white foam cocktail, with cream for topping. But it can also go beyond making an entire cocktail with the help of the particular dispenser.

In some cocktails, using cocktail glass requires around 10 minutes of dry shaking to attain to reach the frothiness and sleek mouthfeel that they are renowned for. But bartenders no longer need to use the conventional method. Using the whipped cream charger can really speed up the process. You only need to wait mere seconds to produce the whipped cream, then mix it with the ingredients right in the canister.

The whipped cream canister can also replace the soda siphon function. But this practice should only be done by those who are very experienced using a dispenser.

It is not a new practice to garnish cocktails with foams. The presentation of every cocktail can be beautiful and appetizing with this method. It is great to know that any bartender can reap the benefits of textural modification and experiments. And all of these practices can be quicker with the help of the whipped cream dispenser.

The speedy infusions are the other crucial part that will upgrade your bartender skills to a whole new level.

With the ideas above, the speed of the process and wonderful result coming from Nangman’s canisters can change the world of bartenders significantly. Those who have started their own cafe, bar, or shop can really reap this benefit. If you are a bartender and have a sell a lot of cocktails, or find your bar is often crowded, don’t let your customers sit there waiting. Get the result twice as fast and use a whipped cream dispenser rather than doing it from your cocktail shaker.

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