The Dangers of Nangs

Laughing gas sounds fun, right? Hold up, even though they may be fun, prolonged exposure to them can be lethal.
Nangs, bulbs, whippets, and laughing gas refer to nitrous oxide (N2O), a gas that, when inhaled, can induce giggle fits, brief euphoria, sound hallucinations, distorted vision, and lack of balance.

Nitrous oxide is considered an inexpensive and fast high, lasting somewhere between 10 seconds up to 5 minutes, absorbed from small cartridges, and commonly ingested through a balloon. Read this blog to learn about the effects of Nangs.

Doctor’s view on Nangs

Nitrous oxide is helpful in a medical setting. Dental professionals use it as an anaesthetic for women in the workplace. However, recreational use poses severe risks for physicians.
Dr. Andrew Dawson said, “Very recently I had a 20-year-old patient whose brain appeared to have the same level of damage as an alcoholic who had been drinking for 40 years, after being exposed to nitrous oxide,”
According to Dr. Dawson, Director of the Poison Information Center at Westhead’s Children’s Hospital, the number of such cases has increased alarmedly.

“In the last two years, there’s been a real spike.”
While fatalities are unlikely, Dr. Dawson said they were “certainly” recorded inside Australia.

Long term Impacts of Nangs

The excessive long-term impacts of Nangs are as follows:

⦁ Inactivation of vitamin B12
⦁ Neurological conditions – brain, spinal, and nervous diseases growth
⦁ Blood cell loss (red anaemia)
⦁ Memory impairment and oblivion
⦁ Depression
⦁ Hallucination
⦁ Rough Paranoia
⦁ Hyperpigmentation of the skin

Sudden Increase in Nang Consumption

Nitrous oxide, known as laughable gas, has existed for hundreds of years.
It was used to get high for almost as long, starting with the “laughing gas parties” in 1700.
It’s decided to return now with revenge. Nitrous oxide is the 7th most common drug in the world, according to the Global Drug Survey.

According to Nangman, the consumption of Nangs has tripled in the last five years and is predicted to reach a factor of 5x if appropriate steps are not taken.
The situation has provoked doctors, including Dr. Dawson, to call for the supply of nitrous oxide to be constrained and a health awareness campaign to alert them about the risk factors.

The Target Audience

International students are the main target for nang dealers who communicate to students with certain social platforms such as WeChat.
They are an easy target because they have no supervision of the parents and are disposable.

It is not difficult to access a university student in Sydney who is familiar with the drug.
Shaza Smit, a university student who doesn’t do Nangs herself but has many mates that do, said that its use was “completely” increasing. “I wouldn’t even suggest it’s exclusive to college life,”
“I believe it is certainly making inroads into corporate as well.”

The use of Nitrous oxide has increased significantly, especially in Australia. With a lot of use in the recreational industry, it has become an essential element.
However, if this usage rate keeps going up, it will cause serious health problems. So, alternatives to nitrous oxide should be explored and implemented.

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