1x cream charger tank 580g


Buy a QuickWhip InfusionMax today for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Estimated delivery time to your area: 34 minute

Order an InfusionMax Canister, a new innovation by QuickWhip designed to save time on the refilling process. By holding larger amounts of culinary grade gas, it easily outperforms traditional methods like hand-whipping and even more modern solutions such as cream chargers. We offer express shipping to anyone in Melbourne, with most orders delivered in under 1 hour!

Have any notes for your delivery driver? Leave as many comments as you would like on the checkout page, so we can ensure a safe and sound delivery.

Delivery Areas

We can deliver cream chargers in under 1 hour! Our average delivery time is 35 minutes, however, the total delivery time depends on your area and traffic. Please note our instant delivery is only available within our opening hours and within Melbourne.

For any areas outside of Melbourne, please contact us and we will give you an estimated time and price.

Opening Hours

Our instant delivery hours are:

Mon-Thu: 11am – 2am
Fri-Sun: 11am – 5am

If you order outside of this time, we will deliver to you the next time we are open. Alternatively, we can deliver through AusPost upon request.


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