How to Use A Cream Charger

The cream charger has been a helpful appliance for cooks, chefs, and cooking enthusiasts to make perfect whipped cream from scratch. If you have a cream charger in your kitchen, you might wonder about the correct way to use it.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

A whipped cream charger can help you make whipped cream quickly, and create more whipped cream for less cost. Using a dispenser can produce up to twice the amount of the whipped cream compared to the old method that most people are used to.

This is how many cafes and restaurants make their succulent whipped cream for their menu. Interested? Well, you can get the same results. Follow our tips below and you will get the fail-proof result all the time.

Use the best ingredients

Choose the best ingredients on the market. I am not only talking about the cream as the base ingredients. But also the vanilla extract and other additions to improve the taste. Choosing the right ingredients not only improves the texture, but will also taste better.

Choose the right appliance

There are a wide range of models that you can get online. Consider focusing your search on popular brands like Mosa, iSi, QuickWhip, and so on.

After choosing the brand, you will want to choose the right size of the dispenser. The most popular size is 0.5L, with 0.25L being the smallest and 1 Liter being the largest.

With the larger dispenser, you will need to use N20 cream chargers. N20 cream chargers are usually sold separately. We suggest you choose the chargers that come with the ISO 9001 and HACCP certificates which indicate the tools are safe and clean.

Steps to make whipped cream

Now, let’s walk through the steps to using a cream whipper.

  1. Add the ingredients to your whipped cream dispenser appliance
  2. Close the dispenser head and ensure that it is closed tightly
  3. Place a cream charger into the holder and screw it on the head of the dispenser
  4. Unscrew the charger hold or keep it after you notice the gas moving
  5. Give the dispenser a little shake to make the nitrous work with the cream
  6. Press the lever for dispensing

As long as you remember our useful tips above, you can get a satisfying result of 2x amount of the whipped cream. Of course, the result will be much better compared to doing the mixing manually. With the double volume of the whipped cream, it will help you make twice as many desserts or sweet drinks.

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