Create Whipped Cream From Scratch

The whipped cream dispenser has been used by professional cooks for years. The first original charger was invented back in the 1950s in Switzerland. This was designed to create the fluffiest whipped cream by hand, with minimal effort. Back then it was not a very practical product to own.

Nowadays there are many models that can fit in your kitchen. So, you don’t have to be a business or restaurant with a lot of space to have your very own whipped cream dispenser. The top brands like QuickWhip come with many models of dispensers. You can choose either 0.25L or 0.5L dispenser to fit on your countertop or cupboards.

There’s a chance that you have no idea how whipped cream dispensers work. Is it hard to operate it? No! Can I make the whipped cream from scratch with this? YES!

In fact, it is much simpler, easier, and more straightforward than whisking or mixing the ingredients by hand. It takes a much shorter time than any other method you may have heard. Here is how to make the fresh whipped cream from scratch with your whipped cream dispenser.

First, put all the ingredients into the canister. You don’t have to mix it at first.

Next, screw the top of the canister. Make sure that the liquid won’t spill out.

Place the cartridge on its carrier and screw it. You will notice a little hissing sound.

Shake the canister a few times. Ideally, you need to shake it at least six times. But to be safe, shake it 12 times.

And then, the next thing you just need to do is to spray out the whipped cream.

That’s it!

The Recipe

What about the recipe then? It is easy to find the ingredients in your local store. And if you can’t find them in your area, you can easily order them online.

Common ingredients that people use which you should prepare in advance are heavy cream and powdered vanilla extract.

Usually, you can combine 2 cups of heavy cream with 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract. Put all of the ingredients in your whipped canister. Then you can simply shake it and spray it out.

You can also combine the whipped cream with any flavour that you want such as green tea, chocolate, coffee, coconut, and so many more. You find free recipes over the internet, or alternatively, you can check out our website for plenty of delicious recipes.

Go wild with your own creativity and make some crazy and innovative whipped cream, then surprise your friends with your amazing creations! Good luck!

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